Article no. 1-2245-HR Walker ALBE STANDARD-HAND BRAKE                                                                                                                                            (based on  1-2250 ALBE Standard)

A sturdy walkning aid for walk training – quality product from NORDIC ACTIVITY AB / SWEDEN new member in the walker serial ALBE, individuelly adjustable in height, opening between arm cushions and the ergonomic handles are flexible adjusable.

Height arm cushions: 83 cm – 131 cm
Max width (down frame): 76 cm
Arm cushions soft upholstred, inside: 29 cm – 46 cm
Lenght: 85 cm
Weight: 15 kg
Max load: 150 kg
4 casters – diameter 125 mm (2 swivel – casters)

2 casters with hand break dubble function (driving brake / parking brake)